Pepsi Protest Ad Leads to Social Media Outrage

Pepsi released an advertisement on Wednesday featuring reality personality and top model Kendall Jenner in effort to “project a message of unity peace, and understanding.” Yet in response, social media outrage made it clear that the only thing Pepsi managed to project was an ignorance to the realities of protesting, its purpose, and the obvious… Continue reading Pepsi Protest Ad Leads to Social Media Outrage


Navigating PR: Corporate, Agency, or Non-Profit Public Relations

It wasn’t until I joined the National Association of Black Journalists that I really got to dabble deeper into the world of journalism and public relations than the average Mass Communications 101 course had taken me. While I had learned the importance of multimedia journalism and the importance of writing, the futuristic part of me… Continue reading Navigating PR: Corporate, Agency, or Non-Profit Public Relations

Online Content Boosts with PR Tricks

Organizational media tactics such as newsletters, flyers, invitations, and more have become revolutionized with the increase of digital technology. What would be printed historically, now needs to be organized on a content calendar and shared on social media platforms just to be noticed, and presented with engaging timely content to be read. Content marketing is… Continue reading Online Content Boosts with PR Tricks

Bringing PR to Life: The Importance of Visuals for PR Professionals

If there’s anything PR students quickly understand about entering the field of Public Relations, it is the importance of strong, succinct, and speedy writing skills. Press releases are the largest component of external communications that is involved in most PR roles which require compelling writing skills and confidence with AP style writing. Yet while press… Continue reading Bringing PR to Life: The Importance of Visuals for PR Professionals