PR Pushback on Trump Budget Proposal



MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! First order of business: boost systemic oppression through the elimination and defunding of after-school programs that support low-income families.

According to the Director of the Office of Budget Management John Mulvaney, President Donald Trump’s proposed budget plans to increase funding for public and private school programs and cut funding for before and after-school programs due to the fact that there is little to no tangible evidence that programs such as Meals on Wheels, Wings for Kids, and other AmeriCorps affiliated programs.

“Mulvaney said that there’s no “demonstrable evidence” that after-school programs that feed and educate children so that they perform better in school are actually working.”  

However, several programs beg to differ. Public relations tactics have been in full force since the announcement of the budget cuts in order to promote awareness in the general public and advocate for the data-proven benefits of after-school programs to government officials.

Americorps, a program that “places thousands of young adults into intensive service positions where they learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship” launched a campaign called #AmeriCorpsWorks that got lots of traction.

By using strategic communications to directly impact legislation and draw attention to an organization that exists for the sole purpose of creating opportunities for people to be employed, gain experience, and serve their community. Not only is AmeriCorps beneficial for the people being served, but also for the people who are accepted to become AmeriCorps service members.

The #AmeriCorpsWorks campaign will be closely watched and potentially used as a case study for public relations tactics to influence legislation and speak on behalf of disgruntled citizens. As a public relations practitioner, it is important to understand the ethical responsibility that organizations have to their target audiences. AmeriCorps has leveraged their network and service model to maintain a conversation about the benefits and necessity of the AmeriCorps program.



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