Managing Stress in a PR World


It’s no secret that public relations has been categorized as one of the most stressful professions to work in. CNBC marked public relations executives as the 8th most stressful career coming just above a senior corporate executive and a journalist. Despite its fairly broad and flexible nature, public relations is still seen as a profession that challenges work-life balance, requires quick responses, and perfection at all times. With that stress it is critical that aspiring public relations professionals are aware of the best practice self-care in this industry to stay ahead and be successful.

Glitz and glam may be how public relations appears to those outside of it, but the realities of a career in PR is that it challenges professionals to consistently balance multiple priorities. The PR grind can easily consume lives if self-care is not made a priority. According to PRSA, the most stressful aspects of crisis communications public relations include difficult communication with clients and lack of prior planning that forces PR professionals to think on their feet at all times to get answers and develop solutions. Yet, there are effective ways of handling a stressful career in public relations. While the struggles are plenty,  two sure-fir ways to excel and promote self-care is to include confidence and teamwork in your career.

Remaining confident in yourself as a PR professional is more than your belief in your skills. It also includes your belief that you should not be providing your services and professional opinion for free. Self-care requires having a love and respect for yourself that stems back into your ability to know your worth as a professional. Be confident in your abilities, and respect yourself enough to practice self-care through the use of the word “no” to free consulting. Teamwork is also an integral piece to managing self-care in the stressful PR world. Dividing and conquering responsibilities in public relations not only ensures balance, it also ensures that everyone can devote energy to the project that is most aligned with their strengths. Small PR offices tend to manage the most stress as they are required to do more work with less flexibility to divide and conquer with a team.

Self-care in public relations is vital. Public relations can become an unhealthy profession if self-care is not prioritized. However with the right amount of confidence and team work, it can be managed and work can be done better.

Andrea Masamba


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