Online Content Boosts with PR Tricks

Organizational media tactics such as newsletters, flyers, invitations, and more have become revolutionized with the increase of digital technology. What would be printed historically, now needs to be organized on a content calendar and shared on social media platforms just to be noticed, and presented with engaging timely content to be read. Content marketing is a newly emerged practice that must be mastered; no matter how good the content is, if people are not made aware, they will not care. Several public relations strategies can make the difference in the number of viewers and clicks online content receive and the amount of people the content reaches.

How can PR tactics boost online content to engage more readers? 

First and foremost, it is essential to identify platforms that are most likely to reach target audiences for the content on a consistent basis. Is there a specific private group that your organization or agency can join to promote stories in? Where is your audience spending most of their time online? Answering these vital questions will open the door to creating strategic, research-based content marketing plans to ultimately drive more readers to interact with your content.


Second, use twitter as a resource by pulling the most attractive quotes from the story and incorporating them into tweets and the link to the story. Drawing the reader in by telling them half of what they want to know will likely inspire them to follow the link for more information that is accessible on the blog post or whatever content being publicized. PR Daily’s, “28 Great Tactics for Promoting Online Content” stresses the importance of changing the lede or the quote used when tweeting about the same article several times to present the article new ways each time. It is not effective to repeat the same message to followers or subscribers non-stop.


Lastly, one of the best and most effective ways to boost online content using public relations tactics is to take it back to the basics. Relationship management and communication is always a relevant practice in this industry. Building a database of connections at various organizations is an organized way of maintain relationships to use when looking to extend an invitation out to read your content and also request for your content to be promoted. It is a sure-fire way to reach larger numbers. Creating this database will require a good amount of information including the connection’s name, organization, phone, email, social profile links, areas of interest/beat, and more. A well established database is a key tool to content marketing using public relations tactics.


Andrea P. Masamba





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