Bringing PR to Life: The Importance of Visuals for PR Professionals

If there’s anything PR students quickly understand about entering the field of Public Relations, it is the importance of strong, succinct, and speedy writing skills. Press releases are the largest component of external communications that is involved in most PR roles which require compelling writing skills and confidence with AP style writing. Yet while press releases are still the end all be all, various methods of communication are now being implemented to serve the same purpose as press releases.

Source: UBM Technology

The traditional press release that was used to break the news to the media can now be replaced with a Tweet and a link to an online statement summarizes an organizations stance on a matter. The question is, is writing the only weapon in PR? Visuals make the difference between earned media that is solely informative, and media that connects to audiences and informs both visually and analytically.

As new technologies rise, new communication tools evolve. PR professionals must adapt to how people are receiving news in today’s society. “The way people consume their information is changing dramatically each and every day. With the rise in mediums such as blogging, live-tweeting, and video streaming, the way you reach your audience is never going to be the same again” (Kitschke, 2015).


Infographics, photos, and time-lapse videos are industry favorites for highlighting brands and promoting products for clients. However with the human attention span boiling down to no more than 8 seconds now, it is important to include visuals but specifically visuals that further engagement with target audiences and communicate information in the least amount of words as possible.




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