3 P’s for Proactive PR: Triumphing Over Trump Tweets

On the eve of an era of Donald Trump as the leader of the free world, public relations professionals have little time to fear the demise of the education system or the inconsideration of women’s rights; crisis-communication plans are top priority across all industries.

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Apple, Toyota, and Amazon are just a few recent victims of the president-elect’s 140-character displays of disapproval. As seen on The Hill’s “19 companies that Trump has tweeted about,” PR textbooks have gained an additional chapter. A potential viral social media blast from the president of the United States is now an additional component of crisis communication in addition to the traditional, immediate, emerging, and sustained crisis categories based on ethical, health, or public opinion crises.


Now the question is, how can an organization combat flak from the most powerful man in the world in less than ten minutes?



Establish 24/7 social media monitoring to ensure that if a comment is made on social media it can be addressed immediately. According to the Chicago Tribune, companies have been passing this responsibility off to social media monitoring systems for efficient and consistent social media supervision.




A response needs to be published within ten minutes of the time the tweet was posted. With that being said, the most efficient platform that will be accessible to key stakeholders and audiences should be prioritized.



After the initial public statement in response to a defamatory tweet, continue to negate the tweet by remaining persistent with the organization’s message. By adjusting the website, scheduling Instagram posts, posting blogs, and more, the organization will likely succeed in keeping its reputation in tact after the blow.


Crisis-communications and public relations in general will always be an evolving industry that moves with people and technology. The significant influence that social media has on an organization’s public approval is unprecedented, yet can not be neglected.






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