Local Housing Properties to be on UNT Campus

“Adulting” has never been so easy; the University of North Texas is paving the road to independence for all students.

Creating a one-stop-shop for housing information, the Housing Fair will host more than 25 different housing properties on March 30 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. that will provide information on floor plans, prices breakdowns, and move-in specials for students alongside local vendors who will come with giveaways galore.


“The vision for the Housing Fair is for students to have the opportunity to make contacts with housing options in the surrounding area while they are heading to, leaving, or in between classes,” Off-Campus Student Services Coordinator Courtney A. Newsome said.


Although the Off-Campus Student Services department holds this event in both the fall and spring semesters to assist all students, this event is most successful during the spring semester when outgoing freshman are the main priority for housing properties Newsome said.


UNT Housing Policy states that first year undergraduates with fewer than 30 semester hours enrolled in nine or more semester hours are required to live in a residence hall, with the exception of commuter students who have provided documentation stating that they are commuting from the home of a parent.


Yet with 85% of the student body commuting to the university according to the 2015-2016 Fact Book, local housing properties are preparing to meet the need of students transitioning into off-campus life by participating in the annual Housing Fair at the University of North Texas.


“I see a lot of students come into the office ready to sign contracts without reading them or taking them to their parents to discuss the information about the living arrangement they are agreeing to,” City Parc Apartments Community Advisor Brayon Potillo said.


“The Housing Fair allows students to get all the information on all the housing Denton has to offer all in one place.”


This event has been available to UNT student since 2007, according to Newsome.

“In my experience working at the Housing Fair with City Parc, I noticed that a lot of students aren’t necessarily looking for student housing, but they want the free merchandise,” Brayon Potillo said.

Some students only take free t-shirts, water bottles, and drawstring backpacks from the Housing Fair, but others gain information about where they want to live the following semester without having to drive around Denton to visit multiple properties Potillo explained.

Getting information about the many off-campus living options near campus was a huge priority for Junior Marketing major Daisah Riley as she made a housing decision in the Spring of her first year the previous year.

“I didn’t want to settle with anything I didn’t like or that I wasn’t comfortable with,” Riley said.

As a freshman looking for an apartment, it was of upmost importance to find a place that she believed could be her home for the rest of her college career.

However, not having transportation made the decision process harder for her.

“The Housing Fair brought all the apartments together and made the difference in my decision process as I began to make my first adult decision about where to live,” Riley said.

As the event nears, Off-Campus Student Services plans to advertise this event as well as others on campus with lawn signs, posters, and on social media.

To learn more about events organized by Off Campus Student Services visit:  http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/off-campus-student-services#events

Written By: Andrea Masamba


Source List:


Courtney A. Newsome, M.Ed

Off Campus Student Services Coordinator




Brayon Potillo

City Parc Community Advisor


Daisah Riley

Housing Fair Student Attendee






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